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Available in numerous patterns, Essentials floors suit bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and offices. Includes WoodStructure ® system.

Cottage boards are up to 4mm thicker than traditional laminate. This floor is extra strong and remains super stylish for years.

Ideal for covering large rooms, Grandiso laminate flooring offers boards more than 2m long. Loft Project is a family of laminate floor coverings designed for the heaviest use, still providing all the warmth and beauty that you would expect to find in a laminate.

Lounge flooring has subtle V-grooves on all four sides in the same design as the boards. The parquet look becomes even more realistic.

Regency is the first floating engineered flooring in the world, you are free to design your floor in any possible combination.

Naturals laminated flooring can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, hotel rooms, entrance hall, small offices, meeting rooms etc.

Laminate Tiles have all the looks, with none of the drawbacks of traditional tiles, such as the loss of warmth, especially in the winter.

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